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Loved it. Loved the interaction between Stefan and Tyler. The whole tone of this fic was greatly done. Cant wait for more.

Thank you SO much for commenting! The Stefan and Tyler interaction was fun to write so I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope the rest doesn't disappoint.

Nice work! I love how Caroline is always on his mind. This line was particularly moving for me: "He knows it’s not Caroline: she doesn’t move like Caroline or smell like Caroline, but just for a moment he’s transported back to Mystic Falls and it could have been any night at the Mystic Grill, not a nameless town in the middle of nowhere and a diner that’s more of a dive." His loneliness and longing is almost palpable.

Thank you! I can't tell you how I much I appreciate the specific feedback.

His loneliness and longing is almost palpable.

Aw, I'm so relieved to see that came across. Thank you again.

(Ugh, LJ died on me last night and I couldn’t post this. Sorry it took so long to reply.)

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Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback. If you read on, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story, too. :)

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